What Chase the Sun IS: the most romantic long distance cycling challenge, coast to coast, east to west, dawn to dusk. To test yourself,and try and see how far you can ride in a single day, in the longest day of the year.

What Chase the Sun IS NOT: it is not a race, it is not a granfondo, it is not a randonnée. There is no classification, there are no medals. Only the great satisfaction of having done it, from dawn to dusk. And to be, tired but happy, among the finishers. Or better…among the SunChaser!


h. 14.30-19.00 Rider Kit collection at Hotel Miramare in Cesenatico,

h. 17.30 technical briefing and Welcome Beer

4.50 am delivery of luggage to the vehicles that will transport them to Tirrenia

5.05 am departure from the Lighthouse along the Porto Canale, in the silence of dawn, there are no microphones, speakers or anything else, maybe only “all together countdown.
4.30 pm – 9.00 pm expected arrival in Tirrenia Bagno Siria
7.00 pm – 10.00 pm SUNSET DINNER at Bagno Siria Restaurant

8.00 am breakfast, greetings and goodbye to Chase the Sun 2023


Both members and non-members can participate, as long as they present the organization with a valid health certificate for athletes. Certificates with more than 11 months from the date of issue, ie that expire before July 20, 2023 will not be considered valid. The medical certificate, together with the card or recognized organization (only for members), must be uploaded in digital format (scan or photograph), when registration by uploading on the Endu platform. If not available at the time of registration, it must be uploaded no later than June 4th. British Cycling member card with international insurance is valid.

If you want to participate as non-members you have to choose the appropriate participation fee – NOT REGISTERED – NO LICENCE
Here you can download a facsimile of needed health certificate

for participants from Cesenatico to Tirrenia

The organization provides luggage transport from Cesenatico to Tirrenia. Each participant must apply to their luggage with due care, in a clearly visible position and so that it does not come off, the numbered adhesive strip that is in the rider kit.

The luggage (one and only one) will be delivered before departure with its number applied with care and clearly visible, June 23 at dawn. Special signs for the delivery of luggage will be set up in front of the Miramare Hotel and Bagni Siria for the collection.
IMPORTANT: We invite everyone to reduce their luggage to the maximum size of a cabin luggage of an airplane. The luggage must be delivered in one piece, a trolley or similar. If any bike bag, it must be joined together. Please do not deliver separate pieces, we might refuse them.

Bring with you, your id card, cell phone, battery pack, wallet, lights and what you need to swim on the arrival to Tirrenia.


FOR BIKEBOXES “managing” please contact directly organization by e-mail


Along the route, each participant must be self-sufficient, both for orientation and in case of a puncture or minor mechanical problems. Have a spare pair of inner tubes, the repair kit, a pump and a multi-tool with you. Your bike should be in best condition of maintenance, serviced, with tires and chain not worn, registered gear. Brakes in perfect working order. Equipped with lights to be used at dawn and possibly after sunset, if necessary.

No broom wagon is provided. Each participant must be able to tackle the route independently. However, the drivers of the teams participating in relay mode will be available to assist, if requested and possible, all participants.

Cinelli mechanical assistance will be available at the start and at the checkpoints.

In the second part of the route, from Pontassieve to Pisa, the route of the Chase the Sun is often close to the railway line. Here are some indications about this.
Supporting trains from Florence to Pisa (on the second part of the route): from km 143 – Florence, the Chase the Sun route runs parallel to the Florence-Pisa railway line. The closest train stations to the route: Firenze SM Novella, Signa and San Miniato-Fucecchio. In addition to the small station of S. Donnino, next to the dirt road out of Florence, and Montelupo Fiorentino, easily reachable by going down south from Pinone, along via Castra.

From Pisa train station you can reach the finish line by following the direction of San Pietro a Grado-Marina di Pisa, on Via Livornese. Behind the station at about 150m from the square, on the left starts the bike path that leads to the sea. The distance from Pisa Station to Tirrenia Bagni Siria is  16km

If you quit, please send a message with your name to +39 348 5269660.




Pacer Turbolenti

The Pacer Turbolenti will close the “group” and will keep an eye on the riders. The ride pacers, will manage the closing of the gate at Pinone, inviting everyone to leave no later than 16.15, closing the 3 climbs route (from Pinone there are still 97km left).

Rider Kit

distribution Friday afternoon 2.30 pm 7.00 pm @Hotel Miramare

The headquarters is the Hotel Miramare in Cesenatico, which is located on the Porto Canale of Cesenatico, a few dozen meters from the lighthouse, the starting point.

Along the way, you will detect the other Chasers from the “sunshine ray” (orange ribbon) that you will find in the rider kit. Tie it tight under your saddle.
To take part to the event you have to bring lights (front and rear) and a battery pack to charge your devices (phone, Garmin…).

Tour packages

For touring services clic here to land on the dedicated section

Bus transfer back from Tirrenia to Cesenatico

Sunday morning with departure at 10 am there will be a shuttle back to Cesenatico. For more infos send us a mail request

Bicycle Parking

The bicycles of the participants will be sheltered in the spaces indicated by the hotels where you will stay. At Bagni Siria they will be parked near the arrival zone. We invite everyone to take the utmost care in the custody of their bikes throughout the duration of the event. Remember not to leave navigators or other precious objects unattended on your bike.

Proximity stations to reach Cesenatico and depart from Tirrenia.

The train stations of Cesenatico/Rimini, or Ravenna, and Pisa (16km from Tirrenia) are connected with several Regional, Intercity and High Speed trains. Here is the news on Intercity trains for mounted bikes. On Regional trains, bicycles can be transported without having to remove the wheels. On other trains (including Frecce, NO Italo) it can be transported as normal luggage, as long as the wheels are disassembled and everything is placed in a light bag.

The airports for the place of departure are Bologna and Rimini (also Verona, with a longer transfer). Pisa is well served by the airport. The hotels we use can provide transfers to and from the airports and stations, by taxi-minivan.


At the end of the cycle ride, does any kind of ranking take place?
As the event is not a race but a long-distance cycle ride, there is therefore no classification and no medals are awarded. Recognition as a Finisher is given for those arriving by sunset at the Tirrenian Sea beach front.
Can cyclists participate in the day’s event without taking part in the dinner?
Unfortunately not. Registration for the cycle ride includes the dinners. The spirit of the event is to create something which goes beyond a mere cycle ride. The start and finish dinners are an integral part of the cycle ride and help create a sociable atmosphere.
The welcome drink in Cesenatico, together with a final technical briefing offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the fellow cyclists. Dinner on arrival at the beach on the Tirrenian coast with a swim, a shower, a group photo, a restaurant reserved for the participants, music and the “Chase the Sun” cake will help make your participation in the long distance cycling challenge an unforgettable experience.
Is there any closing gate time?
Yes, the time starting from the second checkpoint – the Pinone restaurant / summit ascent of Carmignano – which is at 4.00pm.
From here to the finish point there are fewer than 100 kilometres via the Buti ascent. Those departing from the Pinone restaurant after 4.00 pm will have to skip the 3rd checkpoint at Prato Ceragiola, thus avoiding the fourth and final climb by cycling from Bientina towards Vicopisano along the small road that follows the Fosso della Serezza.
Vicopisano > San Giovanni alla Vena > Cucigliana > Lugnano > Uliveto Terme > Caprona > Argine dell’Arno > Colignola (here you return on the original track)
Can cyclists participate without registering (non-member/no licence)?
Yes, this is possible, giving us a fitness medical certificate for competitive sports activity (you can upload in the Endu registration form). You can find here a facsimile filling the form. The medical certificate must be uploaded in digital format upon registration form and be clearly legible (scanned or photographed).
Is there a rescue truck or any other assistance along the route?
There is no rescue truck therefore each participant must be able to cycle the route independently. However, drivers of the teams participating in the cycling relay will be available to provide assistance to all participants, if requested and when possible.
How can cyclists get to Cesenatico and return to Pisa?
The railway stations of Cesenatico / Rimini, or Ravenna, and Pisa (16km from Tirrenia) are well connected by many regional, intercity and fast trains.
On all regional trains, bicycles can be transported without having to remove the wheels. On all other trains, bikes (not ITALO) can be transported as normal baggage, provided that the wheels are removed and the whole fame is placed in a bag.
Bologna and Rimini airports are convenient for the cycling departure point (as is also Verona, but the transfer is definitely longer). Upon arrival, Pisa airport is a practical option and is easy to reach. The hotels we support can provide transfers to and from airports and stations by taxi-minivan.
A chauffeur service is available upon request for those arriving by car at Cesenatico who want to be taken to Tirrenia on the day of the cycling event (quite expensive service).

For touring services clic here to land on the dedicated section

BUS TRANSFER back from Tirrenia to Cesenatico
Sunday morning with departure at 10 am there will be a shuttle back to Cesenatico. For more infos send us a mail request

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