chase the sun Italia 2024

saturday 22 june 2024



It is a long-distance bicycle ride on the longest day of the year. It is NOT competitive. It’s a ride, not a race! It’s a self-sufficient coast-to-coast ride, from Cesenatico to Tirrenia,  in full compliance with the rules of the road, from sunrise to sunset. Challenge yourself on a physical, motivational and explorative level. On a long and demanding ride, at your pace, across Italy from the Adriatic coast, with the sun rising from the sea behind yourself and arrive on the Tyrrhenian coast, in Tuscany, with the sun in front of you, diving into the sea.  It’s an awesome challenging experience you can make! To fully enjoy it, we recommend that you plan one night in Cesenatico before the start and one in Tirrenia after your arrival. 

Registered with UCI member-card and not registered are admitted. Asked to everyone the MEDICAL CERTIFICATE, you can download a facsimile.
For not registered, an additional cost is required for Italian Cycling Federation daily licence (see registration page – not registered). Registration are made on the ENDU portal.

You can participate in two ways: SOLO or in RELAY TEAM


In the SOLO mode each participant completes the route alone.

In the RELAY TEAM, you must form a team of 3 people, with at least one woman and the support of a car. The car will be driven in turn by one of three components of the relay so that each of the members will cover 2/3 of the route  riding (i.e. 180Kms as a whole), even not consecutive. The driver must assist the teammates and be available in case of request or need of other participants. The whole team must present itself at the start and at the finish line complete of the three members.

CHASE THE SUN ITALIA is organized in accordance with international rules. In Italy, England, Ireland and Scotland, you start with the first light of dawn and you must arrive by sunset. There is no ranking, there are no medals. Only a recognition gift and the enormous satisfaction of being part of the SunChaser community. 

You shall be independent in organizing your own accommodation and following the correct way. We will give you advice and tips on how to approach the challenge but it’s with the other cyclists you meet and the special moments you live and share that will create the memory of the Chase the Sun Italia unforgettable experience. Your behaviour on the road and in the Chase the Sun community will affect your performance.

Your decision to participate in the Chase the Sun is the result of your own independent and responsible choice. Our role is to promote and show you the way. Zen says: the good master opens the door, your choice to enter.

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L’obiettivo è tutelare e valorizzare il paesaggio italiano. Se condividi la nostra visione, se scarichi le tracce dei percorsi proposti, se vuoi che Turbolento continui a creare nuove Strade Zitte per far conoscere l’Italia meno conosciuta, sostieni il nostro progetto con la tua donazione.

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