REGISTRATION OPEN FROM 2/11/2021 TO 18/05/2022

or upon reaching 400 registrations


registration requires a certificate of fitness for competitive or touring cycling activity and UCI membership or another recognized sports organization

if you do not have a medical sport certification you have to download this facsimile asking your doctor to fill it out




what included

  1. participation
  2. gpx track and rider passport
  3. Endu registering commission
  4. Luggage transportation from start to finish (standard cab dimension)
  5. SUNSET BEER on the Cesenatico beach
  6. Enervit products for your energy reserve
  7. Bar Cavallino snack
  8. Pasta at Pinone Restaurant
  9. Access to Bagno Siria with cabins and showers (Tirrenia arrival),
  10. SUNSET DINNER / Tirrenia Saturday 19 june
  11. Photo-shooting of the longest day (a digital “souvenir” for each participant)
  12. SunChaser Certificate and SunChaser Cap 2022
  13. discounted rates Hotel Cesenatico and Tirrenia (each participant must book directly at the hotels)


each participant completes the course alone

EARLY BIRD – until 31/12/21 € 148
YOUNG (under 26) until 31/03/2022 € 130
from 1/01/2022 to 31/03/2022 € 160
from 1/04/2022 to 18/05/2022 € 185
NOT REGISTERED – NO LICENCE Italians and International € 200


teams of three people, with the constraint of at least one woman in each team and with the support of a car in tow. The car will be driven in turn by one of the three members of the relay.

EARLY BIRD relay – until 31/03/2022 € 399
from 1/04/2022 to 18/05/2022 € 465